Preventative Tips From an HVAC Pro

    If you have an AC unit, like the one shown in the attached video, then you also appreciate the comfort and convenience your HVAC system provides. When our AC and heating systems are working well, life is good, but the concern is what happens when our AC unit stops working and our once comfortable home or office becomes a sauna instead. That is also why preventative measures are something that people with HVAC systems should be aware of and how to avoid unnecessary AC repair services. In most cases, it only requires some basic troubleshooting to ensure your AC system is working properly.

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    When inspecting your AC unit, it is a good idea to work with someone who can handle the controls while you listen and inspect the AC unit. The first thing to check is the fan motor by turning the fan to the on position on the control unit while the AC unit is off. Within a few minutes, your fan should kick on. Next, turn the AC unit on. Within a minute or two you should hear the compressor kick on. Lastly, check your vents around the house to ensure you have proper airflow. If you have any issues during your inspection, make a note and contact your local AC repair professional to have your system checked.


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