3 Huge Regrets After DIYing a Mini Split AC Installation

    A challenge for many do-it-yourself (DIY) projects comes from the fact that many DIYers are not experts in the projects they work on. Often, a particular project is the first time they have done electrical, plumbing, carpentry, or other types of work. In other cases, it is the first time they have done a specific type of task within a particular skill set or the first time they have used a particular company’s products.

    The result of doing work for the first time is that DIYers often make mistakes or do not perform jobs optimally. In some cases, the work of DIYers can be dangerous; in others, there are better or easier ways to accomplish the task.

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    When doing work involving electricity, it is vital to conform to safety standards and adhere to local codes.

    One mistake DIYers make when dealing with electrical systems is assuming that more is better. For example, a DIYer performing an AC installation might think that if the unit calls for a 15-amp circuit, but you have an extra 30-amp circuit, it makes sense to save money and install the 30-amp circuit. However, using the 30-amp circuit for the AC installation may allow the unit to draw too much power, potentially resulting in a dangerous situation that should be avoided.


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