8 Big Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Fresh

    Before people can call their residential properties a home, they will have to ensure it contains all the necessary elements for survival and growth. Protection is a no-brainer, which is why homeowners invest heavily in security measures like surveillance cameras, fire alarms, and entry point locks. Comfort will also be vital, encouraging people to invest in smart thermostats and good furniture pieces. Of course, you can’t forget about convenience, which is why homeowners make technological upgrades to appliances and devices at home. There will be so many things coming in and out of the home to enjoy a great indoor lifestyle, but household members have to be careful. If poorly managed, the house can end up becoming a cluttered mess.

    While you might focus on other elements that make a house your home, you might want to focus on ensuring cleanliness as well. Maintaining a clean home will be vital to ensure that homeowners can utilize all the protection, comfort, convenience, and other essential aspects they want from their properties. Routine household chores will be key to this, but you might have to dedicate a schedule for one cleaning day. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the big cleaning event that can enhance your home.

    1. Hire Trash Removal Companies

    A big cleaning day can ensure your home is safe, comfortable, and convenient for the household members. Clutter can make people prone to slip and trip hazards, especially when items are lying on the floor unorganized. Because of the mess, it can be challenging for people to remain comfortable within the premises. This, in turn, affects convenience for everyone. The ripple effect will be so evident, making it necessary to pick things up and organize them. Unfortunately, you might uncover a lot of things to declutter during your big cleaning day. If you want to ensure you maintain a fresh indoor environment, then you must pursue cleaning up the floors first.

    Decluttering items will be vital, but you must be aware of the items to organize first instead of discard. Clothes, toys, and even essential items might find their way to the floor. Picking them up and putting them in the appropriate storage solution will be necessary. However, there are items you might want to discard such as newspapers and unnecessary paperwork. However, you might have to get local dumpster rentals if there are so many items to remove from your home.

    Still, one of the most significant problems to consider for your huge cleaning day will be your schedule. The reason why decluttering might take time to do is that your daily routine involves a lot of work and little to no rest, making it necessary to consider hiring professionals to declutter for you. Junk removal companies can accomplish the task. They can accomplish the necessary tasks for your big cleaning day, ensuring a clutter-free home.

    2. Repair Your Garage Door

    Of course, most of the dirty elements of the indoor environment come from the outside. As a result, you might want to close off your house. Sometimes, entry points will need to be open for proper ventilation, but you can close them whenever you feel that dirt and dust are entering the indoor environment. If there are any issues about their mobility, you can perform quick repairs with a few new screws. However, it can be challenging to do the same for your garage door. If the garage door is malfunctioning, you might be inviting dirt, dust, and other dirty elements that make your big cleaning day extra difficult. Fortunately, you can have it repaired by professionals.

    Repairing your garage door will be vital if there are problems that make the home dirty. Specialists can assess the broken features and come up with a plan to repair them. Their services range from performing broken garage door spring repairs to replacing outdated versions for newer models. It can be challenging to do those things yourself, making a professional your best option. While repairing the garage door is not a direct part of your cleaning day, you can ensure that you’ll clean a lot less when you address issues with that feature.

    3. Make Your Bathroom Easier to Clean

    When performing a cleaning day, you will have a few rooms that might require more attention than others. The bathroom is often one of those areas. Since water is a frequent resource in the bathroom, you might notice a lot of dirty water puddles, stains, marks, and dirt in the area. Fixtures like the toilet and shower drain might also have unhygienic elements that prolong your big cleaning day activities. Fortunately, you can get a head start on efficiency if you make the bathroom easier to clean.

    Performing daily wiping and cleaning will be essential after using the bathroom. They can ensure that your bathroom remains clean and water will wash down the drains. A glass shower door might be displaying elements like used hygienic products and handprints, making it necessary to focus on cleaning it. Those steps will be essential to perform before the cleaning event, especially on the bathroom toilet. Unfortunately, you might not know what to do to be effective at bathroom cleaning. If that is the case, you might be better off hiring a professional.

    4. Patch Holes in Your Roof

    As stated, most dirty elements come from outside. While your entry points might no longer be a problem, you will find that dirty elements can still enter through the roof, especially if it has holes from wear and tear. The roof is the primary structural feature for the protection of the home, so you must ensure that those holes will not become a problem. Homeowners must go up to the area to deal with the issue ahead of the big cleaning day. Unfortunately, the risks might not be worth it.

    Patching roof holes will expose you to a great height. Even when you have knowledge and skills on how to repair those, you might still have to look for a residential roofer. A roofer has the tools, materials, and safety equipment to patch holes on the roof. The specialist can also use the time to clean the area, reducing your responsibilities for the cleaning day. Of course, you must ensure that the newly maintained roof will not have short-term issues that need to be addressed. The roof is known for durability, and it should continue to reflect it even if you pursue patchwork.

    5. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

    Preparing for a big cleaning day can be challenging when you’re busy with other responsibilities. You might be able to do the household cleaning chores daily, but you might encounter problems when cleaning tasks take hours to perform. As a result, your intended date for a cleaning day might have to be postponed or moved. If you want to stay within your timeline, you might want to consider handing off the responsibility to janitorial services.

    Janitorial services provide specialized deep cleaning services that can transform your residential property into a pristine indoor environment. They also have the tools to accomplish any cleaning needs. They might partner with a local pressure washing service if stains and marks are too stubborn to be washed away. Janitorial services can also offer specialized personnel, to take care of cleaning issues on home features like carpets, upholsteries, and HVAC systems. It will be necessary to find cleaning pros that can handle complicated matters, reducing your efforts and saving time during the big cleaning day.

    6. Update Your Kitchen

    The kitchen is often a busy space. It will contain a lot of food waste and worn-out kitchen appliances or equipment. It will also be one of the dirtiest environments, especially when water and ingredients are involved in your activities in the area. Unfortunately, you might find it challenging to remove stubborn marks and stains because they’ve been there for a long time. If you want to clean the kitchen completely, you might have to take on a kitchen renovation project.

    Updating the kitchen allows you to remove dust, stains, and marks on surface areas like the walls and floors. Fortunately, those are the two main focal points of your cleaning day. If you want to get more things done, you might have to upgrade drawers and pantries. However, the most challenging items to clean are outdated kitchen appliances. Replacing those devices can significantly help not only your kitchen’s cleanliness but also the area’s functionality. A clean environment will be necessary for cooking, and it is the job of homeowners to ensure that it stays that way.

    7. Fix Your Window Screens

    Entry points like windows will be necessary to protect. They are the primary drivers of dirt collection, leading dirty particles into the indoor area even with just a small amount of space. While you might want to enjoy outdoor air to make the home feel fresh, you might want to consider bolstering giving windows an extra boost. Fortunately, you can pursue several types of treatment to add another layer of protection to windows.

    Screen enclosures can be one of your best options when enhancing the protective layer. Window screens also provide an extra feature that filters dust, dirt, and particles that prevent outdoor air from becoming high-quality. You can also opt for shutters and blinds, ensuring that the sun will not be a problem on your rest days when it shines too bright. Curtains, however, provide the most affordable options. Your window will receive aesthetically pleasing decorations with a purpose while still enjoying your regular indoor routine. Of course, it will be vital to clean those window treatments as part of your big cleaning day. It might be a lot of work, but you will find that they are relatively short tasks bundled together. Fixing your window screens and utilizing other treatments will be the best path forward moving on.

    8. Repaint Your Fences

    If you want to pursue a big cleaning day for your home, you might not be focusing too much on the outside. The indoors demand a lot of changes from homeowners, forcing them to neglect the outdoor area. Fortunately, you can pursue that goal. Proper gardening, removal of cut grass, and being selective with plant choices can be fun, but you might find it challenging to clean those areas every time without help from professionals. However, one member of your family might point to the fence and how dirty it is. Cleaning the fence matters, especially when you want to produce an aesthetically pleasing result. The fence is often exposed to damage and vandalism, and cleaning it can give it a new look.

    Most homeowners might think that cleaning the fence only involves washing it with a pressure washer, but it might not completely change the look. If vandalism and stains are stubborn, you might be better off repainting the fence. Repainting can cover marks, stains, and vandalism art, providing a brand-new look to the fence. Of course, simply putting on paint will not be ideal if painters cannot look at it. They must identify the fence material and the size before making an essential decision on what materials and paint to use. While repainting might not be as straightforward as a step for the cleaning day, it can still be part of the initiative to keep the property looking fresh.

    You can find many more tasks to add to your big cleaning day. Deep cleaning all rooms, performing complicated cleaning chores, and keeping the home looking visually appealing will be a few of those steps. However, you will find that the tips listed above can be enough to make the house fresh. Cleanliness is vital to the home, so you must be patient with your responsibilities and be strategic with your execution. Once you let dirt, clutter, and dust settle, it can be challenging to maintain daily cleaning routines. As much as you might want to avoid a large cleaning day, it might be necessary if you fail to keep up. This ensures that your home has a safe, comfortable, and convenient environment that every family member will get to enjoy.

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