Air Conditioning How Does it Work?

    Are you curious about how air conditioning systems work? An AC system removes the heat from indoor air to lower the temperature and humidity, thus creating a more comfortable temperature. The YouTube video delves deeper into the functioning of an AC system.

    AC Systems: Creating a Comfortable Temperature

    The process starts with evaporating a refrigerant. It’s typically a chemical compound with a low boiling point.

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    The refrigerant pushes through a series of coils inside the unit. As the refrigerant evaporates, it removes heat from the air, and a fan circulates the cool air in the room.

    An outdoor unit in the AC system compresses the refrigerant, causing the refrigerant’s temperature to rise. The system pumps the hot refrigerant through another set of coils in the outdoor unit. It condenses to a liquid state, releasing hot air through the outside unit. This process helps to reduce humidity in the indoor space.

    Next, the liquid refrigerant moves through an expansion valve and prepares to repeat the cycle. It’s a cycle of evaporation, compression, condensation, and expansion that repeats continuously as long as the AC system operates. Thus┬ámaintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

    An air conditioning system transfers hot indoor air to the outdoors. Additionally, the system cools and dehumidifies the indoor air. It’s a highly efficient process that creates a more comfortable indoor environment.


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